Special Offer – The Eco Gurus Bundle


The Eco Gurus Bundle contains:

Total Net weight: 3 kg


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About the Cleaning Paste:

The Eco Gurus cleaning paste is the ideal foam action abrasive cleaner for all dirty uncoated surfaces. It is an eco-friendly product that comes complete with a specially designed applicator which can be stored easily in the lid. Non-toxic and biodegradable formula, no harmful chemicals.

Net weight: 250g

About the Laundry Liquid:

The Eco Gurus laundry liquid detergent with herbal soap can be used for washing both white and coloured clothes, containing mainly herbal ingredients.

Net weight: 2 kg

About the Limescale Remover:

The Eco Gurus limescale remover can remove the soap scum and bathroom dirt and leave a gleaming area. No need for harsh chemicals, it is with plant-based and mineral formulation with apple-vinegar acid, descaling properties.

Net weight: 750g


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