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Here at The Cleaning Gurus our cleaners use top-of-the-range products and equipment, appropriate for your carpets, in order to perform deep cleaning, and to deliver the best results you could hope for.

The carpets will be almost as good as new. Most stains can be removed without a trace. The carpets will smell as if they were just bought, and it will all be done in less than two hours.

And the best part is, the carpets will be completely dry in just a few hours. You can now enjoy the feeling of freshness and have beautifully clean carpets.

You come home from work and suddenly realize that your pet has left marks or stains on the carpet. Or maybe your toddler has spilled a glass of chocolate milk on the carpet or rug. Or you just need to clean and refresh all of your carpets with deep cleaning.

This is where we can help. Or more specifically, our professional carpet cleaning team will save the day.

In addiction to this, our cleaners can further increase the quality of the service by using Scotchgard Stain Protector.

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, we can prolong the results with this stain protector.

Scotchgard keeps your carpets and rugs looking new. The double action approach resists soiling and blocks stains making clean-up easier.

Prolong  the life of your carpets.

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