Here at the Cleaning Gurus, we specialise in helping to improve the living conditions for people in a variety of communal spaces. Our teams provide communal area cleaning services to residents associations, property management companies, housing associations, in fact any type of property which includes communal areas.

As we all know, if an area in a building isn’t the responsibility of a specific individual to keep clean and tidy, it can be allowed to become a bit tired and unclean. Having nice clean and fresh communal areas for residents to use is important for a wide variety of reasons. Our team of professional cleaners is dedicated to maintaining communal areas in a clean, fresh, and sanitary condition. We understand the importance of creating a clean and inviting environment that fosters a sense of community and well-being.

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  • We take genuine pride in our work and continuously strive to deliver an exceptional service.
  • We supply local reliable cleaning staff who are based close to cleaning sites.
  • Cost-effective pricing for communal area cleaning services to fit any budget

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Commercial Communal Area Cleaning

Property management companies and housing associations often oversee commercial communal areas that require specialised cleaning services. Here at the Cleaning Gurus, our teams are well-equipped to handle the cleaning needs of offices, shared workspaces, and commercial complexes. We recognize the importance of creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere for employees, clients, and visitors alike.

Our teams’ commercial communal area cleaning services encompass a comprehensive approach, addressing high-traffic areas, toilets, common workspaces, and shared facilities. We work closely with property managers to develop bespoke customised cleaning plans that minimize disruptions to business operations, while maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.

These communal area cleaning services cover a wide range of spaces, including lobbies, hallways, elevators, gyms, laundry rooms, toilets, and recreational areas. We tailor our bespoke cleaning programs to meet the unique needs of each property owner, ensuring that residents can enjoy a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing living environment. For property owners whose home is within a development that includes communal areas, keeping these areas clean and tidy is critical, particularly if they are trying to sell their property.

Our Teams' Cleaning Services:

Customised Cleaning Plans

  • Tailored bespoke cleaning schedules based on a properties specific needs
  • Flexibility to accommodate peak usage times
  • Regular communication with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction

Disinfection Services

  • High-touch point disinfection (e.g., doorknobs, lift buttons,
  • handrails)
    Sanitising communal furniture and fixtures

Regular Cleaning

  • Dusting and wiping surfaces
  • Vacuuming carpets and cleaning floors
  • Emptying waste bins and replacing bin liners
  • Cleaning glass surfaces, windows, pictures, and mirrors
  • Dusting and wiping radiators, switches, and sockets

Floor Care

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor maintenance and polishing
  • Hard floor mopping
  • Stain removal and spot treatment

Specialised Services

  • Upholstery cleaning for communal seating
  • Window cleaning for communal areas with external access

Event Cleanup

  • Post-event cleaning for communal spaces
  • Quick turnaround for shared spaces used for gatherings

Here at The Cleaning Gurus, we always prioritise efficiency, professionalism, and attention to detail in every cleaning project we take on. Our goal is to create a hygienic and inviting communal environment that enhances the overall quality of life for residents, and contributes to the success of commercial spaces. Residents associations, property management companies, housing associations, and houses of multiple occupation, can always rely on The Cleaning Gurus for top-notch communal area cleaning services, and 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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