Subcontractor’s Covenants

Covenant 1.

During the term of the Contract and for one (1) year after termination, the Subcontractor agrees not to engage in the following:

  1. Soliciting the Suppliers customers, employees, staff, subcontractors, or prospects with services or products of a similar nature to those being sold by the Supplier or affiliates of the Supplier.

  2. The Subcontractor agrees to not provide or introduce to any third parties (directly or indirectly related to the Subcontractor) any services and information about the clients of Cleaning Gurus Ltd. without written agreement by a director of Cleaning Gurus Ltd.

  3. The Subcontractor agrees that the Supplier and his affiliates hold certain trade, business, and financial secrets in connection of the business. The Subcontractor covenants to not divulge to any party at any time, directly or indirectly, during the term of this agreement or afterwards unless directed by the Supplier, any information acquired by the Subcontractor about the Supplier or his affiliates, including but not limited to, customers list, documents, financial statements, correspondence, expenses, costs or other confidential information of any kind, or any other data that could be used by third parties to the disadvantage of the Supplier. This paragraph shall the term of the Contract for service.

Covenant 2.

Company Rights on Breach:

If the Subcontractor breaches this covenant, the Supplier shall have the right, in addition to all other rights available hereunder and by law, to prevent the Subcontractor from continuing such breach.

In event of breach of this covenant the Subcontractor agrees to pay the Supplier £100.00 for damages and losses.

The Subcontractor confirms that he/she has had opportunity to discuss and negotiate this Covenant fully and confirm his/her understanding and acceptance of it. If any part of this Covenant is declared invalid, then the Subcontractor agrees to be bound by a Covenant as near to the original as lawfully possible. This paragraph shall survive the term and termination of the Contract for service. The Subcontractor shall be liable for all costs of enforcement.

Covenant 3.

No waiver of a right by the Supplier constitutes a waiver of any other right of the Supplier, and a temporary waiver by the Supplier does not constitute a permanent waiver or any additional temporary waiver. These Covenants may be modified only in writing and signed by the Subcontractor and the Supplier. If any portion of these Covenants are declared invalid, these Covenants shall continue in effect as if the invalid portion had never been part hereof.


    (“the Subcontractor”),

    Of (address)


    Contracted by or about to be contracted by , of (address) , (“the Supplier”) hereby makes these covenants to the Supplier in consideration for the Supplier, hiring the Subcontractor.

    Signed on behalf of the Supplier:



    Signed on behalf of the Subcontractor: