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Cleaning Gurus has been providing gutter cleaning services for the past 10 years and over that time we had built a great reputation and we are widely known for our reasonable pricing, great proof of work and on time services. We can provide gutter cleaning services in and out of the major metropolitan area of London. Among the services provided the gutter cleaners can do on the spot repairs of the gutter drain piping.

Water damage: A properly functional gutter and downspout system can direct water away from your home. But a blocked gutter or downspout is one of the main reasons for water collection in foundations of a property and also as a result in the basement. When rainwater is blocked of proceeding on its intended way through the gutters it can fall down a side of the property and begin seeping into your basement thus possibly causing a flood.

Roofing damage: Accumulated water can be backed up on the roof, making the gutters detach from your property. With that, your gutters will get damaged and this also creates weak shingles leading to rotting of the fascia and soffit.

Other damage: Other areas at risk are your foundation, landscaping and driveway.

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